Hull Horror Fest 2024 Guests

Hull Horror Fest 2024

Hull Horror Fest 2024!

Sat 26th October

Costello Stadium, Hull

Adults £7, Under 16s £5

Our 2024 event will see a cast reunion of the 2020 hit film HOST. Also..Micah from Paranormal Activity will be here!

Much more to be announced, keep your eyes peeled..

Micah Sloat (Paranormal Activity)

Jemma Moore (Host 2020, Red Eye 2024)

Radina Drandova (Host, 2020)

Haley Bishop (Host, 2020)

Emma Louise Webb (Host, 2020)

Caroline Ward (Host, 2020)

Teddy Linard (Host, 2020)

Jinny Lofthouse (Host, 2020)

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